Thaddeus B Kubis

I borrow light, light that has journeyed from the sun to bathe our world in endless and ever-changing beauty.

Light of the day, light of night, light borrowed from all times of the day, frozen in time, onto pixels or grains of silver, by the click of a shutter to never be seen exactly as it has just been visualized.

As this light bathes my chosen subject, using a variety of film and digital technologies, I capture the light, chasing and pursuing as it moves across the face of my subject and hopefully presents a vision that provides you with any number of positive reactions.

Our world is eclectic, as are the images I pursue. I believe not in taking photos, pictures, but creating art. Artful interpretations a combination of the light, the tones, the shadows, the highlights, the elements of the composition that are the actual components of the image I see and visually feel.

I have over 25 years of experience in all aspects of photography, stock, travel, fine art, commercial and work with nearly every format, including instant, pin-hole, 4 x5 field camera/film systems, 35mm film, 120 film and the latest in digital equipment, including smartphone and tablet photography.

I teach “De-mystifying Digital Photography”, “Fine Art Photography”,  “Why Film” , Smartphone Photography and “Advanced Photographic Composition”.