Satoko Motouji

Satoko Motouji | Tutor at Tuscany in the Frame Italian Workshops

Satoko was born in Kyoto, Japan, and educated both in Japan and the United States. She moved to the US in 1980, and currently is living and working in Eugene, Oregon. She works with watercolor, Japanese calligraphy ink, oil, and other media.

In addition to teaching at Lane Community College for 30 years, she has extensive experience in teaching overseas programs. In 1996 she created the Siena Art Summer Program through the University of Oregon and was active as a director and instructor until 2005. From 2006 to 2016 she was invited to teach in the Kyoto Study Abroad Summer Program, offered by the University of Oregon. Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Japan, and Italy.

She has been coming to Italy, especially to the Tuscan area for more than 20 years. Her artistic journey is intimately tied to the natural beauty of Italy from which she has drawn her concepts and fluid watercolor painting style. She loves to share the joy of plein-air painting, which she thinks is one of the ultimate ways of enjoying life.

Tuscany is located in central Italy and stretches from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Its landscape, artistic heritage and stand-out cities – first among them Florence – make Tuscany an unquestioned protagonist of international tourism. In this region, nature has many different facets, starting from the coast that alternates long and sandy beaches, like the Versilia beach, with rocky cliffs and steep headlands. The islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, a crystal-clear sea and rich seabeds, are peerless.

You can admire sceneries of uncontaminated nature in the Apuan Alps and in several protected areas, such as the Orbetello Lagoon, home to many species of migrant birds, including pink egrets.
However, the most typical sceneries of the region are those that merge the beauty of nature with the millenary work of man. The amazing Gulf of Baratti and the sites of Vetulonia, Vulci and Pitigliano guard necropoli and vestiges of the Etruscan civilization, while Roselle and Cosa evoke memories from the Roman Age.

Medieval villages, historical towns, castles and defense systems, country churches (the so-called pievi) and beautiful abbeys, like the one of Sant’Antimo, are scattered all over the territory and their profiles stand out in the landscapes of the Crete Senesi, Orcia Valley, Garfagnana, Chianti and the Maremma.
Finally, Tuscany is full of spas: Montecatini, Saturnia, Montepulciano, Monsummano and Bagno Vignoni, which offer relaxing holidays thanks to their thermal waters and well-equipped facilities for all types of treatments.