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My wife and I chose Villa Nobile after an extensive search of Italian plein air art destinations and courses.  

Lauren Munoz

Did you ever want to have family with a villa in Italy? Raffaele and Gennaro Nobile are the family you didn’t know you had. My wife and I have traveled with Raffaele 6 times.


JP Dunn

” I can’t say enough wonderful things about Tuscany in the Frame! The feeling of family…adventure….fabulous food….painting vistas…..professional instruction….friends for life! Raffaele made us laugh from the first phone call ….we are repeat visitors…and highly recommend the experience!


Attending the painting workshops of Tuscany in the Frame in Amalfi, Tuscany, and Sicily has been life-changing.


Mylene Arnaldo

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Workshops 2021

We offer workshops in the UK as well as in Italy, but due to the Pandemic, for the rest of 2021, we offer one workshop in Tuscany

September 2021

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