Inya Chehade | Tutor at Tuscany in the Frame Italian Workshops

Inya Chehade

American-based Inya Chehade leads a non-profit foundation dedicated to assisting individuals and families who are experiencing a variety of challenges in their lives ( With a background in social work and philanthropy, she has served at other foundations and non-profit organizations which have raised over $30M annually and have been recognized by then First Lady Hillary Clinton. Inya is also a practicing life coach who is passionate about helping others on their path towards wholeness. Inya is trained in IMAGO therapy, a modality that focuses on fostering deep connection and dialogue between two people. She has delivered numerous seminars to women’s groups and provides her wisdom and insight to individual clients

Thomas Xenopoulos Peccini, Ph.D. (A.B.D.); host of Although Cyprus-based Thomas Xenopoulos Peccini spent over a decade studying Italian Literature and cinema and the past 15 years teaching in public education, Thomas found an outlet for his passion for food and living in March 2014 when he launched, a website dedicated to his Cyprus-based family of four boys and their lifestyle, growing a following to over 14,000 unique viewers in over 140 countries worldwide. Its Facebook page reached over 1,000 organic likes in just under 20 months. Simultaneously with the launch, he and his wife Ioanna hosted a supper to gather twelve like-minded people interested in connecting over great food. What was formed as a club to bring together foodies, the Cerines Supper Club is now in its second season and has hosted more than 700 participants over 36 suppers. They also have welcomed visitors from four continents at their on-site bed and breakfast.