Thaddeus B. Kubis

October 9 - 16
Limited to 16 students
€2575 per person double occupancy

Enjoy the beauty of Tuscany in the fall, limited tourists, warm days and cool nights, beautiful sights, and locations to explore. Spend 7 days enjoying life as you learn, experiment, capture images and transform your photographic skill set.
Join me world-traveled photographer Thad Kubis for a weeklong photographic adventure “Sulle orme del etrusca del” (In the footsteps of the Etruscans).

Our adventure is scheduled to start on Monday, October 9th, 2023, when we will start to enjoy 7 days of pre-visualizing, and creating images under the Tuscan sun. The fee for the course includes breakfast, dinner, wine (lots of wine), local transportation to fulfill our daily adventures (and pick up/return from Rome’s airport), double occupancy in the charming Villa Nobile located in Cortona, Tuscany, located in the heart of the most beautiful of the Italian countryside’s.

Join me and transform your photographic vision and perhaps your life!

Plan to capture and fall in love with the magic of the Tuscan hills, and be prepared to visualize once in a lifetime image in the footsteps of the Etruscans. Your first day will be a “free day” in Florence, walk the streets, enjoy the Museums, and Italian cuisine, and of course create some wonderful images. Daily trips with a local guide to Perugia, Sienna, Montepulciano, and series of quaint Etruscan towns such as Orvieto, Montepulciano, Pienza, Monticchiello, Cortona, Assisi, around lake Trasimeno, and to Le Crete Senesi. Locations may change based on local conditions.
Afternoon and evening review, evaluation, and casual easy-to-learn topics. Each participant will be sent a printed photo book that contains images from the trip, tips, and notes, all designed to continue their learning and journey once they arrive home. Optional venues are available for spouses, partners, friends, lovers, and family.

Limited to 16 students or guests.

Payment plans and program discounts are available. You can book or require here through the website or directly via email [email protected] 917.597.1891

Please check the Sample itinerary below.

About Tuscany

Tuscany is located in central Italy and stretches from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Its landscape, artistic heritage, and stand-out cities – first among them Florence – make Tuscany an unquestioned protagonist of international tourism. In this region, nature has many different facets, starting from the coast that alternates long and sandy beaches, like the Versilia beach, with rocky cliffs and steep headlands. The islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, a crystal-clear sea, and rich seabeds, are peerless.

You can admire sceneries of uncontaminated nature in the Apuan Alps and in several protected areas, such as the Orbetello Lagoon, home to many species of migrant birds, including pink egrets.
However, the most typical sceneries of the region are those that merge the beauty of nature with the millenary work of man. The amazing Gulf of Baratti and the sites of Vetulonia, Vulci, and Pitigliano guard necropoli and vestiges of the Etruscan civilization, while Roselle and Cosa evoke memories from the Roman Age.

Medieval villages, historical towns, castles and defense systems, country churches (the so-called pievi), and beautiful abbeys, like the one of Sant’Antimo, are scattered all over the territory and their profiles stand out in the landscapes of the Crete Senesi, Orcia Valley, Garfagnana, Chianti, and the Maremma.
Finally, Tuscany is full of spas: Montecatini, Saturnia, Montepulciano, Monsummano, and Bagno Vignoni, which offer relaxing holidays thanks to their thermal waters and well-equipped facilities for all types of treatments.

Photo of Villa Nobile Cortona in Tuscany

Tuscany in the Frame

Useful information

  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
  • Wine, water & coffee with evening meals.
  • All accommodations.
  • Minibus transport from start to finish.
  • Flights
  • Travel insurance and other emergencies
  • Visa fees and entry clearing fees
  • Minibar and Extras inbetween Meals

Sample daily schedule:
(subject to change for the positive)

Awaken to the beauty of an Italian dawn and the Tuscan hills, take time to center yourself, pre-visualize your daily goals and objectives, ready yourself for a wonderfully simple but delicious continental breakfast.

After you have enjoyed your coffee and breakfast, take time to learn the 3 Italian words of the day. These needed words provided by our host will allow you to get in tune with the feeling of Italy and the areas we are visiting.

View the day’s project/assignment notices and join me for an overview of the planned adventure. Once we are all ready, we board the van and prepare to imagine, visualize, and create some of the most exciting, interesting, and beautiful photographic images of your life. Daily tips, lessons and other instruction will occur as well.

Once we arrive at the selected city or site we will work independently or in small groups to fulfill your daily self-defined project or work on one of the many class-based projects. I will be working alongside, overseeing, instructing, and answering your questions. Upon arrival I will start the program with an overview of the site, what we hope to achieve and get the class motivated to create more than beautiful images.

You are on your own for lunch, enjoy many of the selected cities/locations/sites café’s and be ready after you enjoyed the local fare to continue to create memorable images and fulfill the very reason you attend this class.

Late Afternoon:
Prior to heading back, we will wrap up each day’s journey with a brief overview of the images created, notebook review, any feelings, comments, thoughts, that you wish to express and then re-board the van and head back to our “Tuscan home”.

At the end of each day, I will ask each of you to select a series of two to five images and I will project those images on a screen, and you can present your reasons for capturing them. No negative just supportive comments, suggestions designed to make your next day of imaging even better, allowing you to reach higher goals of imaging and explain by application, examples of the key rules of photography. A daily “Cheat Sheet” will be provided to all, the “Cheat Sheet” will be topic and daily trip centric.

After your day of photography ends, you can begin to enjoy the wonders of Tuscany, dinner, wine, and the friendship of your newly found fellow photographers. Share your feelings, thoughts, emotions; share your work, your desires, and your goals as you enjoy a communal locally prepared dinner. Watch the sunset, sip some wine and ready yourself for the next day, a new adventure, a new day of imaging, a new day to re-create yourself.

More than a coffee table book:
Within a few weeks of your arrival home, you will receive a photo book that will contain memories of your Tuscan adventure. This book will include selected images from each day and the class working in the field. Tips, comments, observations will add a sense of personality to this book as well.